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Graeme’s Bio

Graeme J. Boorer is recognised as Australia's leading non vendor aligned expert on customer centricity and the art of CRM. See why twenty five enterprises across seventeen private and public sectors harnessed Graeme expertise and experience to ensure their customer centricty program's success

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Graeme’s Blog

Read what Graeme and other experts say on the subjects of customer centricity,

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Consulting Packages

World’s Best Practice CRM expertise is available through customized consulting “mini” projects. All assignments are lead by Graeme Boorer giving your enterprise access to decades of expertise and practical insights t

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In-house Briefings

World's Best Practice CRM is also available through customised inhouse executive briefings and workshops

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Graeme is a strategic thinker and challenges operational thinking when setting the vision forward. He is very personable and engaging whilst comfortable from “C” Level management to Technical staff with a good understanding of the behaviours and motivations of the different groups within organisations.

Yvonne Parle, Program Manager, Chamber of Commerce & Industry, WA.

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Graeme’s clients have spanned multiple industries, from telecom and finance to media firms, technology companies, and even utilities, but in our view his methods are universally applicable, and his enthusiasm and energy are contagious.

Don Peppers and Martha Rogers, Ph.D.

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Graeme is a most capable and skilled consultant with a solid track record of successfully partnering with large corporates with complex customer management problems. Among his extensive skill set is the key ability to collaborate successfully with stakeholders involved in large organisations.

Frank Barrot, General Manager Sales, Telstra Corporation

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