Event program

08:00 Registration
09:00 Welcome
09:15 "Why the revolution in Marketing?" with Graeme Boorer
— Understanding the historical disconnect
— How old IT frustrates emerging opportunities
— Why we need a new MOM - Marketing Operating Model
— Building powerful and beneficial bridges
— Hail the Marketing Technologist
10:15 Morning Break
10:30 "Leveraging 5 Meta Trend Disruptors" with Scott Brinker
— Digital transformation” redefine beyond the marketing department
— Micro services & APIs: Fabric of marketing infrastructure
— Vertical competition: greater strategic threat than horizontal competition
— Digital Everything: AR, MR, VR, IoT, wearables, conversational interfaces et.
— Artificial intelligence multiplies operational marketing & business complexity
11:30 "Defining Marketing/Technology Framework" with Graeme Boorer
— Nine Building Blocks to Success
— Who Should Own Marketing technologies
12:15 How marketing can get far more from IT
13:00 "Creating an effective Marketing Technology Strategy" with Scott Brinker"
14:00 "Transforming to an Agile Marketing Technology Enterprise" with Graeme Boorer
— Managing the transition from old tech to martech
— Understanding IT and marketing change issues
— Additional
15:00 Afternoon Break
15:15 "Navigating the Marketing Technology Landscape" with Scott Brinker
16:00 Case Histories, Q&A, Panel Discussion
17:15 Close