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On Site Courses & Briefings

prefer an on-site professional development course?



courses & executive briefings also availaBle on site

It works this way:

  1. Select which program best fits, and book a conference call to discuss
  2. Check available dates & register online
  3. Conference call for us to understand your requirements, challenges and priorities. This helps us focus on what material is most relevant.
  4. Provide facilities and refreshments - we do the rest.

Course & Briefing registration Fees

COURSE & BRIEFING FEe inclusions

Sydney & Canberra

  • Executive Briefing On Site     $   575 plus  gst.
  • One Day On Site                   $2,575 plus gst.
  • Two Day On Site                    $4,475 plus gst.

    Adelaide, Perth, Melbourne, Brisbane

    • Executive Briefing On Site     $   975 plus  gst.
    • One Day On Site                   $3,275 plus gst.
    • Two Day On Site                    $5,575 plus gst.

    Singapore, Hong Kong & Auckland

    • Two Day On Site                   $7,850 plus gst.

    Ticket fees are fully inclusive and comprise:

    • Pre course tele conference consultation
    • Program amendments resulting
    • Live, on-site, instructor led course
    • Hardcopy workbook for each attendee.
    • Models, templates and tools
    • All instructors' travel, accomodation and expenses

    Fully Customised COURSES

    Besides published programs, we develop customised courses on subjects related to our expertise. Through conference calls, we gain deep insights into your objectives, make recommendations and collaborate with you to achieve the learning outcomes you seek. Typically customised incur additional fees for research, consultation and development of approximately $2,500 in addition to published ticket fees. Discuss your requirements with an instructor.

      Frequently asked questions

      What are the benefits & differences to onsite professional development courses

      1. Confidentiality: staff and instructor can openly discuss issues (yes we are happy to sign your non-disclosure agreement)
      2. Material is relevant to your business and industry i.e. B2B only.
      3. Material is specific to your current stages, challenges or issues.

      What locations are offered? 

      Customer Strategies On Site Professional Development Courses & Executive Briefings  are offered throughout Australia, New Zealand, Singapore and Hong Kong. If outside Sydney, the initial requirements conference is held via video. 

      Do attendees get a workbook or copy of electronic presentation? 

      Yes, attendees receive a printed workbook featuring your content and company logo (if supplied) and an electronic version of presented material for future use. 

      How many can attend? 

      Attendee numbers are unlimited and can include employees, contractors, vendors and others involved or impacted by your CRM or customer experience program of work. That said class sizes of about twelve attendees typically produce the best learning environment and outcomes

      What facilities and equipment do we need? 

      Our presenter requires a data projector and screen or television monitors with computer input capability. A large whiteboard or flip chart, is also needed. All venue, catering, technology and facility costs for On Site Professional Development Courses are the client’s responsibility. Our preferred layout is 'U' shaped for maximum interaction, although class room seating works well within limited space. If the audience is greater than fifteen attendees, a roving microphone and audio system is usually required. As the program is focussed on business issues, attendees do not require a computer.

      Catering & Refreshments: 

      Our On Site Professional Courses typically break for morning and afternoon refreshments and a 45-minute luncheon. Provision of all catering and refreshments is the client’s responsibility and cost.

      Can we record the program?  

      Our On Site Professional Development Courses are highly interactive learning events and much of their value is lost if a video recording is not well produced. That said, live streamlining or video recording rights can be negotiated. 

      Are there senior executive and board presentations versions available? 

      Our instructors are highly experienced speakers and business communicators and frequently present “key issues, opportunities and threats” to senior executive teams and boards, both ‘pre-packaged’ and customised. Please contact us for further details.