Practitioner Program: Day Two.

08:30 Arrival & Coffee
09:00 Welcome & Review of Foundation Day 1 Lessons
09:30 Re-engineer Processes to improve Customer Experience
Customer experience critical impact on your CRM?
How many CRM’s destroy customer experience
Case Histories: How others have mastered the science?
Identify “moments of truth” that make or break “experience”
Deploying Third Generation Process Reengineering
10:45 Morning Refreshment Break
11:00 Integration: The Elephant in the Room!
Five integration disasters you can avoid
What system integrators don’t want you to know
Understand and avoid the tyranny of scale
Digital transformation demands on CRM
12:30 Luncheon
13:15 Single View & Customer Data Integrity
How to create relevant “single views of customer”
Identify sources of powerful customer information
What data supports actionable business intelligence
Harnessing customer dialogue to keep current and relevant
Why inconsistent data kills customer intelligence efforts
How “voice of customer” programs renovate customer data
Four critical steps to achieving high customer data integrity
Six common data problems - and how to fix them
Controls, tools & procedures to maintain usable information
14:00 Metrics to Win Budget, Resources & Buy in
How NPS can destroy customer experience initiatives
Linking customer metrics to Customer Value
Gaining budget, resources and board commitment
Adopting a metric's heirachy for quality customer experience
14:45 Customer Segmentation & Profiles
Fourth Generation segmentation & profiling
Imbedding complex groupings to drive new opportunities
Leverage the 80/20 rule in four powerful new ways
Blunders your competitors are making – and you can avoid
15:30 Building a Trusted, Customer Centric Enterprise
How best practice segmentation revolutionizing HRM
Design a training & professional development program
Using Change Management to ensure permanent benefit
Building on your CRM Cornerstones – the future!
16:00 Close