Course Overview


CRM Masterclass 2017 is the must-attend event for management and customer focussed professionals at the intersection of service, marketing, technology and customer experience.


Whether you’re an executive, strategist, marketer or even a marketing savvy technologist, this will undeniably be the most valuable professional development event  of the year.

An intensive, information packed two day event (each bookable separately) CRM MasterClass 2017  is a strictly vendor-agnostic forum for understanding the growing complexity of building profitable relationships with customer, including a strong focus on how organisations can actively leverage the world of digital flexibility.

The two day event provides an inspiring, transformative experience that connects the dots between technological possibilities and strategic opportunities across your entire organisation.

Attendees will learn how to:

  • Tackle issues at the intersection of marketing and technology
  • Innovate at scale with bespoke customer marketing technology stack
  • Organize and drive profitable digital business and customer transformation
  • Apply proven “agile” and “lean” practices to marketing
  • Thrive in the age of digitally-empowered consumers
  • Harness the burgeoning “martech stack” and best practices for selecting its components
  • Peer into the future of “martech” with Scott Brinker; international authority and best-selling author of Hacking Marketing
  • Nurture the marketing talent you need to succeed in software-driven marketing

Attendees will enjoy:

  • Case studies from marketing technologists at the intersection of marketing and IT
  • Applications of marketing technology to deliver remarkable customer experiences
  • Analyst coverage of the evolving marketing technology landscape
  • Best practises for adopting the right 'marketing technology stack'
  • Understanding APIs and third-party ecosystems surrounding marketing technology platforms
  • Growth hacking techniques effective for any marketing programme
  • The latest on emerging marketing technologies that promise new opportunities
  • Insight into the human side of marketing technology management

Presented by internationally acclaimed customer evangelist, Graeme Boorer the course share international best practice, powerful frameworks and proven methodologies. The program features no fluff, no hidden agendas nor sales pitches. It is for business executives and personnel, not for technologists!

CRM MasterClass 2017 is built on two critical foundations:

  1. CRM is a science and art, and not software
  2. Properly planned and adopted, the business benefits are extraordinary.

Throughout the day, you will gain deep insights into the topics such as:

  • How technology is reinventing marketing
  • The five marketing meta-trends
  • How to nurture or grow hybrid marketing-technology professionals
  • The marketing technology landscape
  • Why enterprises hire a Marketing Technologist senior to Marketing & IT
  • The marketing technology landscape: the evolving structure of a new industry
  • How to expand role of marketing data and analytics in your enterprise
  • How big data can become a marketing channel itself